About Mcneil Steel & Alloys FZE

The organization has encountered reliable development, reflecting consumer loyalty with the items and administrations got. The executives has many years of involvement with the metals business.

McNeil serves clients of ALL sizes from everywhere the world. Supplying, processing and custom fabricating specialty metals for various industries including mining, chemical process, oil & gas, power generation, pulp and paper, petrochemical and more.

We are committed to improving our products and services to ensure customer satisfaction through excellence. Every employee is committed to this goal, and all measures and careful measures are taken to ensure high-level product production, good quality packaging, timely delivery, expert pricing, and excellent after-sales service.

Quality Comes First

We make every effort to guarantee that our clients receive only the highest quality products, from the receiving of raw materials to the final examination of the finished goods.

All tubes may, of course, be put through destructive and/or non-destructive testing. We fulfil several more quality standards in addition to having the TUV’s HP-0 accreditation.

Areas of Application

Manufacture of stainless-steel pipes made from only single metal sheets. Sheet metal is formed and rounded for either three-roller pressure brakes or pressure brakes. We manufacture pipes, e.g. in chemical plants, oil and gas industry, machinery industry, industrial furnaces and marine engineering applications.

 Testing & Inspection

At Mcneil Instruments’ in-house testing facilities, its qualified personnel conduct a series of comprehensive mandatory and customer-specified supplementary and special tests on each product. Additionally, product testing at reputable third-party testing facilities may be provided. The rundown of Outsider Assessment Organizations [TPIA], with whom Mcneil Instruments Inc have had honor to convey our nitty gritty stage-wise investigation and testing, peruses like’s ‘Who’ Registry of Tpia’s. Review by Client’s assessor can likewise be advertised.

Inspection & Testing offered by us are as follows:

  1. Mechanical Testing & Chemical Analysis.
  2. Fully equipped laboratory for corrosion testing, chlorite contamination, bath analysis, penetration and residual stress measurement.Micro Structure Examination / Analysis.
  3. Laboratory Spectrometer & Portable Spectrometer.
  4. Positive Material Identification [PMI] Tester
  5. Hydro Testing of CS Pipes and SS Straight and U-Tubes
  6. Air Under Water Testing – Straight Length upto 30 Meters
  7. Ferrite Content & Surface Finish
  8. Fibroscope – Checking the inside of tubes with an outer diameter of 4.7 MM or more  Surface Roughness Testing
  9. Non Destructive Testing offered
    • Eddy Current Testing
    • Ultrasonic Testing with full body thickness measurement
    • Real Time Digital Radiography Testing
    • Conventional Film Radiography


We are Consistently Embraced Innovation to Provide a Superior Level of Excellence.